Podcast Episodes

  • #40 Happy Holidays

    We'd like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year. We'll be back in January 2022!

  • #39 Social Brands

    In today's world, the social element of a brand is many times the most critical part. With savvy consumers making purchasing decisions based on more social recommendations and interactions, this needs to be a core part of your branding strategy. Your co-hosts Aaron and Linda explore this topic on today's show.

  • #38 The Generation Game

    Co-hosts Linda and Aaron sit down for a candid chat about some of the unique viewpoints that people of different generations have.

  • #37 Acid League

    Welcome to the latest episode of the NextGen Business Podcast. In today's show Linda and Aaron are joined by not one, but two guests from Acid League - a unique food venture focusing on acidic creations. Find out how this company came to be and don't miss tips for any entrepreneur from their journey so far.

  • #36 The New Job

    Our co-host Aaron has a new job, and is joined by Linda to discuss his move into the banking and finance sector.

  • #35 Digital Transformation

    Today's show features Linda and Aaron touching on how technology has made an impact on everything from studying to shopping. Do you prefer the traditional ways of working, or are you more comfortable with the newer technology-assisted ways?

  • #34 This and That

    In today's episode, your hosts Linda and Aaron take some time to chat over a number of different topics. A little bit of this. And a little bit of that. We cover networking, partying, and so much more!

  • #33 Word of Mouth

    Turning a passion into a business is the best path to success. Today's guest joins Linda and Aaron to talk about starting his digital marketing and photography business, and how networking and word-of-mouth is key to attracting clients.

  • #32 The Tea Geek

    We'd like to introduce you to... The Tea Geek! There are so many different types of businesses out there to explore, and your hosts Aaron and Linda talk today with someone who's very passionate about the tea business.

  • #31 Mental Health

    Mental Health is a topic that touches nearly all of us in some way. Your hosts Linda and Aaron discuss how important our mental health is. It's increasingly common to find conversations happening within colleges and universities around mental health, something that was less common just a few years ago.