Podcast Episodes

  • #4 Communication

    We all know communication is important, but different generations communicate differently. With many different communication tools and methods, which ones are right for you? Your hosts Linda Ockwell-Jenner and Aaron Espindola explore the communication topic.

  • #3 Do Entrepreneurs Need a Degree or Certification?

    How important is it for entrepreneurs to seek a degree or certification? Your hosts Aaron and Linda discuss this topic in today's episode of the NextGen Business Podcast.

  • #2 Own Your Online Identity

    Your hosts Linda OJ and Aaron Espindola discuss the importance of building an online identity.

  • #1 Calling All Next Gen Entrepreneurs

    Welcome to the NextGen Business Podcast, aimed at YOU, our next generation’s entrepreneur! In our first episode, we meet your hosts: Linda and Aaron, as they share why the podcast was created and some of the exciting topics we can look forward to.