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  • #23 Job Interviews

    Your hosts Linda and Aaron return for a candid chat about job interviews. Love them or hate them, chances are you'll be in this situation at some point, so why not get some tips from the NextGen Business Podcast team?

  • #22 Backpacks & Sunglasses

    This week's episode features a fashion accessory designer from Montral, Denisha Bruce. She joins Linda and Aaron to talk about her business, Bruden Mode - how it got started and how she's now selling her stylist backpacks and sunglasses to a global market.

  • #21 Financial Tips & Tricks

    In today's episode, your hosts Aaron and Linda tackle the subject of finances, offering some tips and tricks for managing money. Whether you're running your own business, or thinking of starting one, managing finances is always near the top of the list of concerns. So see what our co-hosts have to say!

  • #20 Do Something You Love

    The most successful businesses are based in doing something you love. Your co-hosts Linda and Aaron speak with Tony DaSilva, owner of Cucci Cabello, a Kitchener-based hair stylist. Learn how Tony followed his passion to become a millionaire!

  • #19 Influencers

    Influencers are a relatively new phenomenom. Or are they? Your hosts Aaron and Linda talk about the role of influencers in helping promote a brand. Modern-day influencers can wield a lot of... well... influence, but how do you connect with them and solicit their support?

  • #18 Starting an eCommerce Business

    Join your co-hosts Linda and Aaron for today's episode of the NextGen Business Podcast. Aaron shares how he started his online fashion business, some of the challenges he's overcome along the way and his tips for starting an eCommerce business.

  • #17 Brandon’s Burn Bags

    They say that the simplest of ideas bring the greatest success. Linda and Aaron are joined by Brandon Romany who founded Brandon's Burn Bags - a firewood delivery service. Find out how his business took off and what it took to get there.

  • #16 How to Become a Motivational Speaker

    Does the thought of bright lights and travel appeal to you? Today's episode focuses on the business of being a Motivational Speaker. Who better to ask than our very own co-host Linda Ockwell-Jenner, President of Motivational Steps! Join Linda and Aaron for a candid look at the professional speaking business.

  • #15 Starting a Business in the Trades

    Today's guest is Nathan Parsons of Verve Electric. He joins your hosts Linda and Aaron to discuss how he became the owner of his own electrical business and the journey he took to get there.

  • #14 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    In this weeks episode, your hosts Linda and Aaron, are joined by professional copywriter and voiceover talent, Dennis Lewis. The conversation takes a look at Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and how this may be experienced from the classroom to the workplace.