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  • #31 Mental Health

    Mental Health is a topic that touches nearly all of us in some way. Your hosts Linda and Aaron discuss how important our mental health is. It's increasingly common to find conversations happening within colleges and universities around mental health, something that was less common just a few years ago.

  • #30 Young Entrepreneur

    Hear from Owen, a successful young entrepreneur and today's guests on the NextGen Business Podcast. Your co-hosts Aaron and Linda explore how Owen started his journey and how it's contributed to his current success.

  • #29 How to Find a Job

    In this weeks episode, Linda and Aaron are back to talk about finding a job. Things have changed over the years and it's not always as simple as it seems to find the perfect role.

  • #28 Financial Advisor Low Down

    Your hosts Aaron and Linda are joined by Kendra Harold. In this episode we explore how Kendra graduated from Humber College to become a Financial Advisor. If you've ever considered a similar career, this is the episode for you.

  • #27 How Much is Too Much?

    How Much is Too Much? Your hosts Aaron and Linda discuss the slightly delicate topic of salaries... and specifically do college and university grads have realistic expectations? What are some of the best paying careers, and how do you know you're asking for a fair wage?

  • #26 The Perfect Assistant

    Aaron and Linda are joined today by Kayla Droog, a professional virtual assistant. What exactly does a virtual assistant do, and how did Kayla get into this line of business? Watch and find out!

  • #25 Two for Juan

    This week's episode is a special treat... especially for fans of your co-host Aaron. Don't worry, you're not seeing double, but our guest today is Juan Espindola, Aaron's twin brother. Juan is the owner of Green Loon, a lawn-care company that you may have heard mentioned on the show before.

  • #24 A Family-Owned Business

    Have you ever thought about starting a family-owned business? Today's guest joins Aaron and Linda to talk about the successful commercial cleaning business he runs with his family.

  • #23 Job Interviews

    Your hosts Linda and Aaron return for a candid chat about job interviews. Love them or hate them, chances are you'll be in this situation at some point, so why not get some tips from the NextGen Business Podcast team?

  • #22 Backpacks & Sunglasses

    This week's episode features a fashion accessory designer from Montral, Denisha Bruce. She joins Linda and Aaron to talk about her business, Bruden Mode - how it got started and how she's now selling her stylist backpacks and sunglasses to a global market.